Manuals & Support
The Coffalyser.Net Reference Manual contains a detailed guide of the main functionalities of Coffalyser.Net, including a step-by-step procedure to guide you through the initial setup and your first analysis. This manual also contains important information about the intended use of Coffalyser.Net and about the use of Coffalyser.Net in combination with probemixes for IVD use.

The Coffalyser.Net Installation Manual contains installation instructions. For more information about downloading & installing Coffalyser.Net, see this page.

Answers to frequently asked questions and additional background material can be found in our knowledgebase, which also contains several instructional videos that demonstrate common actions in Coffalyser.Net.

Key material about Coffalyser.Net
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new products
Various cancer types
P480-WHS & Achondroplasia
Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome, Achondroplasia
Meningioma, Coffin-Siris syndrome
P451-Chromosome 16
Breast cancer + various tumour types
improved products
Breast cancer susceptibility
Thyroid dysgenesis
P098-Wilson disease
Wilson disease
Thalassemia, beta-zero
Mismatch repair genes (MMR)
P253-NB mix 3
P252-NB mix 2
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