Download & Install Coffalyser.Net
Coffalyser.Net can be downloaded free of charge from your MyMLPA account. You can register for a free MyMLPA account or log in with your existing credentials. After logging in, the setup files can be found on the My Coffalyser.Net page.

Registration of a MyMLPA account requires a valid email address. Please note that if you download Coffalyser.Net, you may be contacted on this email address with update notifications or with important Coffalyser.Net-related news. A MyMLPA account also allows you to register for our newsletter or for other product-specific updates, but this is optional.

Detailed information about installation and configuration can be found in the Coffalyser.Net Installation Manual. The installation manual can be found on our support portal (link opens in a new window), and is also included in the installation package.

The default installation procedure is suitable for most users. System requirements can be found on this page.

Coffalyser.Net can be used in different work environments: it is possible to install it on a single desktop or laptop (default), but also on a computer linked to a network as a client or even to a dedicated server to provide 24/7 access to all users. The client-server structure of data storage allows sharing of experiment/project-related data within and even beyond institutions that use the same server. This system is not cloud-based; therefore, third parties and MRC-Holland cannot access the data on your server. If you need help setting up Coffalyser.Net in a professional environment, e.g. to utilize an existing SQL cluster or to make the application available over a network share, then please contact us for support.

A free license is required to use Coffalyser.Net. This license can be obtained via MyMLPA. Licenses expire periodically, after which they must be renewed (free of charge). We use a license-based system as a mechanism to ensure that our customers periodically upgrade to the latest version, which may include important fixes or corrections that are essential for Coffalyser.Net's functions.

Please note that Coffalyser.Net is free and will remain free in the future.

More Information & Support
The Coffalyser.Net Reference Manual explains the most important features of the software. It also contains a step-by-step procedure to guide you through your first analysis. The reference manual can be found on our support portal (link opens in a new window), and is also included in the installation package.

Our knowledgebase also has a special section (link opens in a new window) with frequently asked questions and background information about Coffalyser.Net. This includes several instructional videos that demonstrate common actions.

If these resources do not answer your question, you are welcome to contact us via our support portal (link opens in a new window).

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