Coffalyser.Net: An Introduction
Coffalyser.Net is free MLPA analysis software made and supported by MRC-Holland.

  • User-friendly software and reliable MLPA data analysis.
  • Extensive quality control developed specifically for MLPA
  • Always free access to the latest analysis panels (Coffalyser sheets)
  • Server-client model that allows data sharing
  • Available free of charge!

Illustration of the Coffalyser.Net workflow.

Supported file formats
Coffalyser.Net supports data files produced by all major electrophoresis systems, including:

  • ABIF files (.fsa, .ab1, .abi) produced by Applied Biosystems devices.
  • ESD files (.esd) produced by CEQ systems by SCIEX/Beckman.

Data analysis
Data are analysed in two simple steps:

  • Fragment analysis, where peaks are size-called and assigned to MLPA probes.
  • Comparative analysis, where samples are compared to arrive at probe ratios.

Both steps contain automated quality checks to assist in the evaluation of results.

Download & Installation
Information on how to download and install Coffalyser.Net can be found on this page.

More Information & Support
The Coffalyser.Net Reference Manual explains the most important features of the software. It also contains a step-by-step procedure to guide you through your first analysis. The reference manual can be found on our support portal (link opens in a new window), and is also included in the installation package.

Our knowledgebase also has a special section (link opens in a new window) with frequently asked questions and background information about Coffalyser.Net. This includes several instructional videos that demonstrate common actions.

If these resources do not answer your question, you are welcome to contact us via our support portal (link opens in a new window).

Coffalyser.Net logo.
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