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Unsuitability of HhaI from Thermo Fisher Scientific, and possibly other suppliers, for MS-MLPA
17 November 2016

We have established that HhaI restriction enzymes manufactured by Thermo Fisher Scientific are incompatible with the MS-MLPA technique and can cause aberrant results as they are not inactivated by heat. The same may be true for certain HhaI (isoschizomers) from other suppliers. At this moment, the only restriction enzyme with proven suitability for MS- MLPA is the Promega (R6441) enzyme. Please find more information here.

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If you are attending one of the following meetings, please stop by our booth to learn more about how MLPA can be used to benefit your DNA, RNA or methylation analysis.

March 28-30 - 6th International Workshop on Cancer Genetic & Cytogenetic Diagnostics, Nijmegen, the Netherlands (stand with no number).

MRC-Holland booth at a congress
The upcoming MLPA workshops organised by MRC-Holland are listed on our Support Portal.
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