SALSA MLPA P294 Tumour Loss probemix

Application: Tumour loss
Region: various
Categories:  Solid Tumours
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Item no. Description Price
P294-025R SALSA MLPA P294 Tumour Loss probemix – 25 rxn € 243
P294-050R SALSA MLPA P294 Tumour Loss probemix – 50 rxn € 486
P294-100R SALSA MLPA P294 Tumour Loss probemix – 100 rxn € 972
EK1-FAM SALSA MLPA EK1 reagent kit – 100 rxn - FAM € 300
EK1-Cy5 SALSA MLPA EK1 reagent kit – 100 rxn - Cy5 € 300
EK5-FAM SALSA MLPA EK5 reagent kit – 500 rxn - FAM € 1380
EK5-Cy5 SALSA MLPA EK5 reagent kit – 500 rxn - Cy5 € 1380
To perform MLPA, both a probemix and reagent kit are needed.

General information: The SALSA MLPA Probemix P294 Tumour Loss is a research use only (RUO) assay for the detection of copy number aberrations in 15 chromosomal regions, which are frequently deleted in tumour samples.

Probemix content: The SALSA MLPA Probemix P294-C1 Tumour Loss contains 63 MLPA probes with amplification products between 121 and 503 nucleotides (nt). This includes at least two probes for the following regions or genes: 1p36, 13q14 (RB1), AMER1, APC, BRCA1/2, CDKN2A/B, FHIT, FKBP8, NF1, PTCH1, PTEN, SMAD4, SMARCB1, STK11, TP53, TSC1/2, VHL, and WT1. In addition, 12 reference probes are included and detect different autosomal chromosomal locations which are relatively quiet in most tumour types. However, it should be noted that tumour karyotypes can harbour multiple numerical and structural aberrations, which can complicate interpretation of these reference probes. Complete probe sequences and the identity of the genes detected by the reference probes is available in Table 2b and online (

This probemix contains nine quality control fragments generating amplification products between 64 and 105 nt: four DNA Quantity fragments (Q-fragments), two DNA Denaturation fragments (D-fragments), one Benchmark fragment, and one chromosome X and one chromosome Y-specific fragment (see table below). More information on how to interpret observations on these control fragments can be found in the MLPA General Protocol and online at

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Product History
Current version: C1, sold since: 2018-02-15.

Version C1: This probemix is completely revised, new target and reference probes are included. Several probes have a change in their length but not in the sequence detected.
Version B1: As compared to version A1-1008, 12 new reference probes are added and several target probes have been either replaced or elongated.
Version A1: Changes not specified

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