IVD-Registered Products
The products specified below are registered for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) use when:

  1. used in the countries specified in the relevant product descriptions, and
  2. used in combination with each other, if applicable.

Hover your mouse over the orange labels for more information about IVD regions. CE: EU (candidate) member states and EFTA members; CO: Colombia; MA: Morocco; IL: Israel.

IVD-registered SALSA® Melt Assays 

Product Code Product Name
MC002CE SALSA MC002 SMA Newborn Screen

IVD-registered SALSA® MLPA® products

IVD-registered software for SALSA MLPA
Product Name Purpose
Coffalyser.NetCEIL MLPA analysis software

IVD-registered SALSA MLPA reagents
Product Code Product Name
EK1-FAMCECOMAIL SALSA MLPA reagent kit 100 rxn - FAM
EK5-FAMCECOMAIL SALSA MLPA reagent kit 500 rxn - FAM
EK20-FAMCE SALSA MLPA reagent kit 2000 rxn - FAM

IVD-registered SALSA Sample DNA for MLPA (more information)
Product Code Product Type In Combination with Probemix IVD-Registered Regions
SD022 SALSA Binning DNA P043-E; P072-D; P378-D CE
SD052 SALSA Binning DNA P003-D CEIL
SD067 SALSA Binning DNA P045-C/D CEIL
P051-D2; P052-D2; P056-D; P102-D CE
SD072 SALSA Reference Selection DNA P008-C CE
SD078 SALSA Binning DNA P190-D CE
SD082 SALSA Reference Selection DNA P021-B; P060-B2 CE

IVD-registered SALSA MLPA probemixes
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